Cut Clutter and Learn How to Organize Your Home for 2016!

It’s a new year and it’s time for a new start. There are decisions to be made. This, is your year. You’ve finally decided to learn how to organize your life and create a happy organized home. Good for you, you’ve taken the most important step to creating a new habit by making this commitment. Now that you’ve done the hardest part let’s get to work!Getting rid of clutter will become a natural habit once you break through your walls of resistance. If you focus on changing one habit at a time, it will all add up to a huge transformation. Disorganization in any situation starts with a series of small decisions and habits adding up to big problems.If you say to yourself “I need to organize” but continue to contribute to the disorganization, you have made the decision to live in chaos. Once you get serious about your reasons for becoming organized it will be a lot easier to conquer the clutter.It’s only natural that changing these habits will take some time. Changing everything in your life at once is confusing, stressful, and more often than not unsuccessful. Change one small thing, one small habit, then give yourself some time to digest. And don’t forget to reward yourself for the strides you do make.For example, it’s easy to grab the mail, bring it through the door and just drop in on a table to be dealt with later. But it’s not so easy after one… two… or three weeks you have a small mountain of bills, advertisements, junk mail and whatever else has gotten into the mix. It doesn’t matter at that point if you have 50 ideas for getting organized if you’re unwilling to put in the work.Retrain your routine in 2016. Instead of piling and putting off, take two or three minutes to sort, toss and file. Sort what’s important or useful. Toss the junk. File (or find a home for) the rest. Same rules apply for stuff on the floor. Every time you walk by sort, toss, or put a few things away. It’s a simple step that makes a huge impact.This is your year to conquer the clutter. Don’t wait for things to become overwhelming. Don’t waste one more minute of your life searching for your stuff in a sea of chaos. Tackle that clutter before it becomes a problem. Pick up that stuff from the floor. Sort through the mail when it comes in. Take a few minutes to prevent disorganization because your future self will thank you. Have a rocking 2016!

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